Monday, November 15, 2010

The very beginning of my story

Hello again world! :) So, I'm Rebecca the Owner and Artist of ByBecca. I spent 20 years working in the brokerage business (stocks and bonds) in 1982 and worked in the industry in various capacities until 2003 with a couple of breaks to have a couple of kids. In 2000, we moved. My daughter wasn't happy with the bedroom she was assigned (Grandma got that one), so to compensate, she asked me to have her room painted like her friend Rebecca's.

Rebecca's Mom had stenciled some flowers and a fence above her bed. So, while I was thinking about how to accomplish this, I had the painter come in and paint the walls Cameo White and I had him paint the ceiling a sky blue. Well, it looked terrible! How would we fix this? Well, I was no painter, but I'd been watching Martha for years and decided to rag the walls. It looked better. When the painter came back to paint the bathroom, I showed him. His response was "Who did this?!" I asked, "why, is it terrible?" he said "No, its terrific, I need to have this person as a resource. Give me their card." I laughed and said, "it was me." He said that I should be doing this for a living. I really wasn't ready for such a step. But I finished the walls, and then it was time for the flowers. Well, my daughter wanted a tree in the corner, so, knowing nothing about craft stores or paint or anything artsy, we trekked over to Michaels to look for a stencil. But the stencils were all so tiny. We decided to wing it. Silly me, I had no idea that Michaels sold paint for this. So, I called up the paint store, told my friend Joel that I what I wanted to do and he told me that the four shades of brown paint I thought I'd need would cost $10 a quart. That seemed a little crazy to me, and to him, so he sold me some colorant that you add to white paint and I mixed the color (who knew I could do that?)

Armed with some plastic cups filled with paint and a few sponge brushes I stood in front of the wall and asked myself the question "What will happen if I mess this up?" The answer came back. You'll have the wall repainted and start over. OK, so I was ready to go. Picked up a cup and a brush closed my eyes, pictured a tree and went for it. after about 10 minutes, I had a tree! Nobody was more surprised than me! After that it was both easier and more difficult. figuring out that to stencil in the lattice fence, you needed to start with a white wall, the lattice stencil was too small, so I made it with painters tape, had to learn to use a level, well, the process took months, but eventually we got it together. For a total novice, I think it looked pretty good. One of these days I'll locate the pics and post them.

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