Thursday, November 18, 2010

While I was on my Way

About a month ago, some stuff happened and while it was, I was envisioning this blog post. Because even while it was happening I knew it would be funny in the re-telling.

It was a beautiful day here in VA Beach on Monday October 18th. My plan was to paint some glasses and then at around 10am to go pick up a bag of peanuts and some bubble wrap. All necessities in my world. I had four orders that needed to be shipped.

Of course the phone rang off the hook and I got no painting done. But, at 10:00 sharp, I walked out the door with my keys, phone, wallet and glasses in hand (a miracle, because I always forget something). I get in the car (a 1985 Lincoln Town Car that's in the process of being restored), turn the key, and....


so, i tried a couple more times, just to make sure, then I called AAA who told me that they'd have someone here within the hour, that was at 10:03. At 11:30, I call only to be told that someone would be here by 12:15. Ok, so I didn't waste the time, I sat down and made gift boxes, folded tissue paper, cut ribbon and wrapped each of the 10 glasses that had to be gift wrapped in bubble wrap.

When the AAA guy got here at noon, he gave me a jump and the car started right up. Yay! So, the guy tells me to let it run for at least 20 minutes and then I can go on my way. So, now its like 12:45 and I go to my first stop, down the street about 1 mile to the bank. I get out, do my business and get back to the car like 2 minutes later. Put the key in the ignition, and... nothing. Ugh!

I call AAA again and they tell me another hour, Ugh! So I call my boyfriend who's in New Jersey with my minivan, as the AAA guy pulls up (like 5 minutes - Yay! AAA). He can't get it started. So, I'm standing there totally stressed, because I really have to get these packages out and I have NO packing peanuts. So, Chaz tells me to jiggle the battery cables and see what happens. Car started right up! But he tells me that I cannot turn the car off under any circumstances.

So, I drive out to the packing supply place, run in to pay for my supplies and leave the car running. I drive to the loading dock, and realize that I cannot open the trunk without turning the car off (because of course the inside trunk release shorted out).

Ok, so I go to the back door, doesn't open, then I remember that the latches are broken. I know, I know, things go wrong with old cars.

Ok, so I slide the bubble wrap over the front seat, but what am I going to do with this giant bag of peanuts? They won't fit over the front seat, the front seats don't fold down, I tried; so I jam it into the front seat, which leaves me about 6 inches to sit in and drive. Of course the right hand mirror is useless, because the peanuts are there and I look in the rear view and all I can see is reflected peanuts. So, there I am sitting and thinking "How on Earth do I get home using only my left hand mirror?" Well folks, I'm happy to report that there is indeed a way to do it. Thank heavens they have two left hand turn lanes so that I could slide right into the right hand lane and STAY there.

By the time I got home it was 2:30. Only 4 1/2 hours to run a 40 minute errand. So, I walk in the door and still have to get everything packed and ready for the UPS lady who comes at 4:30. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

I got it accomplished with an hour to spare, but of course I had a package that absolutely had to be in Florida Wednesday. Ten pieces that are a party favor. Everywhere in Florida is two days shipping from here, but not Key West. Key West is three days. So, I check with UPS and 2nd day shipping is like $70 vs $19 for Ground. This was my fault, so I had to pay, blech....

But I called my customer and tell her my problem and she says, "Oh, no problem, the party is on Thursday. If UPS guarantees delivery by Thursday, I'm cool with that." Whew!

So, its 4:30, and I realize that there is NOTHING for dinner for my son and me. What to do?

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