Thursday, October 06, 2011

Make sure it's the Real ByBecca

  There are a few ways to find a glass of your own ByBecca.  You can order one from or one of our select affiliates.  These pages will clearly advertise our products on their pages as ByBecca.
   But I received an interesting email the other day.  It was from fellow artist Brianne Sing of  She was very pleasant and talented but made me aware that both her and my work was being plagiarized.  Apparently a young woman had pictures of our work on her facebook page and a website, claiming them as her own. I investigated the links Brianne sent me and sent a complaint to facebook on their plagiarism form.  This young woman’s prices were so low there was no way she had either one of our products.  The website had already been taken down and facebook soon took down her pictures after I saw that Brianne was correct, this young woman was using our pictures. 
   It is despicable for this young woman to scam people with our hard work. And I hope that no one fell victim to her scam.   But I see a silver lining in the support I received from my fellow artist Brianne Sing for making me aware of this crime.  If we as artists do not work to protect those in our community, plagiarism such as this will slip through the cracks.  And make sure you check out Brianne's work at!

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