Thursday, October 20, 2011

More About Color

   Now that we’ve discussed primary and secondary colors:

Tertiary colors!

   Tertiary colors are all those colors in between.  The ones you get when you combine primary and secondary colors.  It is easy to call these shades but ByBecca blog readers know that a shade is what you get when you add black to a color.

   Tertiary colors are the ones with the odd names like mustard seed, plum, moss, and grass.

    This color is tertiary because it is a green with more yellow than blue.

   These names seem to change depending if your color sticks are from Lowe’s, David’s Bridal, Benjamin Moore, or Martha Stewart.  These colors show up often in monochromatic color schemes because they are in between one color and the next.

   Next time you see a tertiary color, ask yourself:
Which primary color is dominant here?

We’ve covered colors and monochromatic color schemes in the home and at your events!   Next we’ll talk about how to combine primary, secondary and tertiary colors into complimentary color schemes!

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