Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Complimentary Colors

    Why do you need to know any of these things about color?  Because when you are picking a color scheme, these lessons will help you know what will look good together.  And this also helps explain why when you call us at ByBecca about your order we try to work with you to make your glasses as beautiful as they can be and sometimes make different color recommendations.

  Let’s go back to our pink bedroom.  We want a slightly darker shade of pink.  Adding the opposite colors together:

  For example in our hypothetical pink bedroom:

  Green darkens the pink color in the scheme in a way that is dramatically different from the combinations of black and pink.

  That is because pink is opposite of green, or complimentary. 

  This trick works with every color.  Just look at the color wheel, pick a color and draw a line across to it’s opposite.  These two colors are complimentary.

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