Monday, January 23, 2012

Personalized Hand Painted Wine Glasses make a Thoughtful Gift for your Bridesmaids

Its come to my attention lately that the people that purchase our Birthday glasses don t necessarily know about our Bridal Party Gifts and visa versa.  Well, knowing that made me think that this is probably a good time to acquaint everyone with the range of occasions that we cover here at ByBecca.  So, let s begin with some of the glasses that we paint for Bridesmaids.

Hot Pink  Navy Blue and White
Polka Dot hand painted Wine Glass
A little history first.  Until the beginning of 2008, I painted wedding party gifts sometimes.  In 2008, it started to become a specialty.  We love painting glasses for Bridal Parties.  Its such a happy time in peoples' lives and we get to share in those times.  

The most popular of our patterns for weddings is our polka dot pattern.  You can have yours painted with any color combination and to say almost anything on any type of glass.
Our most popular color combination
Hot Pink Black and White
Turquoise Black and White Polka Dot Pattern
Hand Painted Wine Glass

Hot Pink Turquoise and Khaki
Polka dot Pattern with the Date
 Do your girls prefer red wine glasses?  We have them.  White wine glasses?  Got them too.
Pilsners, large and small, martinis too.  If there s something that we haven t thought of, all you have to do is ask and we'll find it for you.
Turqoise Brown and White
hand painted wine glasses with Initials
and a glass for the Mother of the Bride and
the Mother of the Groom
Pale Blue Purple and white Polka Dot
Pattern Hand Painted Wine Glass with
Initial and "Thanks for being my Bridesmaid"
Painted on the Base

Our glasses definitely make a unique gift for any occasion, but Brides just love us.  We hope you will too.

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