Friday, February 17, 2012

More Birthday Glasses to Show you

Well, I have been so busy lately.  Giving the website a fresh new look, creating a Mother of the Groom flute with a tennis theme, getting one of my merchants ready for the Virginia Wine Expo.  Oh yes, you can buy our glasses there.  But today, I would like to talk about 30th Birthday Glasses.  We've been working on them, so here are a couple.

First our Candle glass.  It wears a crown and has candles painted around the bowl of the glass and around the base.  Above the candles and behind the number 30 is where we personalize this design. 

This glass is available in any color combination

  Then there is our glass with the balloons.

This one came out way more whimsical than the 60th Birthday glass the design was based on.

A few months ago someone asked me to paint a custom 30th Birthday glass for Nicole using polka dots, balloons and also represent her career (nurse) and this is what I came up with.

30th Birthday Hand Painted Wine Glass with Polka Dots and Balloons

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