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Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas for the Reception

Awesome Wedding Flower Arrangements for your Reception

4 Awesome Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas for the Reception
Before long, the big day will be upon you and there are so many things to do. In fact, it can seem a bit overwhelming at times, so before you get stressed out, take some time to relax and catch your breath. Check out these awesome wedding flower arrangement ideas for your reception, while you sit and enjoy your favorite beverage.
1. Go with the season – Roses are very popular but when not in season, they can be extremely expensive and hard to locate. If you plan to have your wedding within the next few months, make sure there are plenty of beautiful flowers available and in season. Just about every color scheme is possible with "in season" selections. When you choose seasonal plants you have the most flowers available at the best prices. Here are a few suggestions for autumn flowers:

·        Daffodils
·        Alstromeria – colors similar to changing leaves
·        Hyacinth
·        Gerbera Daisies
·        Freesia – beautiful shades of lavender
·        Iris – a wide variety of colors in which to choose

2. Combine wine glasses and flowers – This is a unique and interesting way to present reception centerpieces and decorations. You might want to place wine glasses upside down with a beautiful fall flower inside each glass. Here are some more ideas to check out:

·        Wine glass bases make perfect candle holders. This is much cheaper than paying a great deal of money for fancy holders that may see little use in the future. All you need to do is put a glass upside down on the table, and place a candle on the base. Of course, there are many ways you can decorate this scenario with flowers.
·        Wine glasses make excellent holders for small flower bouquets.
·        For a great autumn theme, fill wine glasses with candy corn or small candy pumpkins and orange colored candles.
·        Consider custom made wine glasses with flowers. This can be the perfect wedding keepsake for your guests.

3. Floral rings – rings of flowers are not hard to create, and they provide so many different possibilities. If you are on a tight budget, you can buy inexpensive kits with instructions on how to make your own beautiful floral pieces. You may create lovely centerpieces around large candles, candelabras, and many other things. Centerpiece projects are a great way for getting family members involved and easing some of the tension around an important event.

4. Personal floral arrangements – Imagine each reception guest being greeted by their own mini floral arrangement and napkin at the table. Something as simple as a small flower vase with a single daffodil or iris can make a strong impression on guests. It shows that you cared to take the time to provide personal attention, and everyone likes to feel special.

You do not have to spend all your money on flowers to have a great wedding. Choose seasonal selections that incorporate color schemes you want. Try to think of wedding flower arrangement ideas that provide personal attention to the guests, and everyone will have a day to remember.

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